December to Remember

7 Dec

Early Bird CSA Special has been extended to

December 15th!

Sign up now and save a $100.00 on your full year membership to our Community Supported Agriculture harvest share program.  

Sign up here:


The Fairview Gardens Holiday Parade Float was so sensational! 

Here are a few pictures of some of the participants!

Supporters of Fairview Gardens
Mark & Esher Tollefson
Supporters of Fairview Gardens

Look for Fairview Gardens on KSBY TV this week. 


Need a new cookbook? 

A flexitarian is a semi-vegetarian focusing on vegetarian food with occasional meat consumption.

It is a modern compromise for having a healthy, plant-centric diet, without fully eliminating or denying meat consumption.

Recipe Contributions from:

Top Chef’s Micah Edelstein
Michael Anthony, Executive Chef at the Gramercy Tavern
Celebrity chef Dean James Max
Lynn Bound, Executive Chef at the New York Museum of Modern Art
Food writer and award-winning chef Dawn Viola
Christina Valencia of Farm and a Frying Pan
Chef Joe Wittenbrook, owner of The Culinary Salon
Cathy Erway, author of The Art of Eating In
Lindsey Nixon of Happy Herbivore
Marissa of Pumpkin & Pomegranate
Soma Rathore of eCurry
Deborah Kay of Eclectic Flexitarian
Sophie Aaronson of Philosophie
Julia Gartland of Sassy Kitchen (major contributor)

Proceeds from The Flexitarian Cookbook benefit Slow Food USA and Yoga Bear.


Click on the link below to find out more about The Flexitarian Cookbook:


 Recommended Reading 

Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal

by Joel Salatin  


Recommended Documentary

Vanishing of the Bee’s

Click on the link below to watch the trailer: 



Fairview Gardens

Organic . Local . Sustainable



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