It’s Fairview Popcorn time!

24 Jan

CSA Pick Up Day

One of my favorite moments during the week is CSA pick up time.  I love watching everyone come together in the afternoon to weigh and bag their share of the harvest.  You can be sure to hear giggles from under the trees as kids play or learn new recipes from other CSA members, while everyone gathers up the week’s fresh produce.  If you can make the time to walk around the farm or take some carrot tops up to the goats, I highly suggest it.  Just a few deep breaths of farm fresh air will do wonderful things for your mind and mood. 

Some of you may wonder why we ask that you stick to a certain Tuesday or Thursday for your CSA pick-up day.  The reason is simple; produce is harvested the day before and morning of your CSA pick-up day.  A total number is given to the farmer’s and they harvest an allotted amount of food.  When you arrive on a day that you have not signed up for we end up short of produce for other CSA members that are already signed up for that day.  We do ask that you stick to the day you have signed up for and that your measurements are accurate so that we can meet the needs of every CSA member.  If anyone would like to change their day permanently please email

Please recycle your paper bags by bringing them to your CSA pick-up time for other CSA members to use.  Thank you for all of your support and see you on the farm!


Fairview Gardens

Family Share


Our next Urban Homesteading Work Shop is:

Planning a  Garden Throughout the Year

February 12  9 am to Noon  $40.00

With some basic intensive gardening strategies and some planting tips you can grow an abundance of vegetables on the land that you would put 5-6 parking spaces. The trick is not ending up with all 40 heads of lettuce in one week. Learn how to plan your garden to provide abundance throughout the year. 

Click here to sign up on-line via PayPal

Fresh Popcorn cooking tips!

If you have an air popper your all set.  If you don’t here is how to pop your fresh organic Fairview Gardens popcorn on the stove.

  1. Heat 3 tbsp of Vegetable Oil or Coconut Oil in a large pot, sauce pan or wok.  Set heat to Medium or Medium High
  2. When Oil starts to smoke or one kernel starts to pop it’s ready.
  3. Add 1 cup of kernels to pot shaking as you add them then place lid on but don’t stop shaking the pot.
  4. Keep shaking the pot over heat as popcorn is popping.
  5. When popcorn stops popping or lid starts coming off, remove from heat.
  6. Season to taste, ENJOY!

Fairview Gardens Organic Popcorn


Sneak Peek:


Blood Oranges

Green Garlic               


Green Cabbage          



Beets/Carrots/Broccoli (one of these items will be available)

If you have a delicious dish you would like to share please email it to: and we will feature it in our blog!


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