CSA: NOW Delivering to Montecito!

21 Mar

Urban Homesteading Workshop this Saturday!

Garden Layout and Bed Prep:

Intensive Gardening Strategies

 March 26  9 am to 5 pm  $85.00

Email mark@fairviewgardens.org to sign up. 

Shoulder-to-shoulder planting in deep bed prepared soil delivers more food per square foot than any system we’ve ever used. Roots grow down instead of out, so you can space plants closer together and still get high production.  In turn the close spacing shades out weeds, so they don’t become major problems as they do in a more open garden.

The system demands extra-deep soil preparation, done by creating lasagna garden beds.  The soil becomes incredibly fertile through layered preparation of carbon and nitrogen materials.

You will get hands on with this class learning how to prepare and grow a huge abundance of food.  This process is hard work to start but extremely rewarding!


One perfect day in Goleta, CA

Take a peek inside one of Southern California’s most garden-friendly beach towns

Sunset Magazine April 2011 Issue

Why go now: You may not know that you can pull over in this sleepy Santa Barbara suburb and find farms, flowers, nurseries, and knockout oceanfront picnic spots.

Another surprise: It’s ground zero for sustainable gardening in the area.

Not quite a college town: Though it’s close to the rowdy UCSB students in nearby Isla Vista, Goleta has a much quieter, surf-loving vibe.

Soil stop: Visit Orella Stewardship Institute (by appointment only, orellaranch.com) for a bag of homemade compost starter. It’s chock-full of everything from fungus to seaweed.

Part nursery, part museum: Even if orchids aren’t your thing, the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate (1250 Orchid Dr., sborchid.com), on the edge of town is a wow–one and a half acres and thousands of varieties, grown specifically to thrive outdoors.

Wash it down with the locals: Don’t judge Hollister Brewing Company ($$, 6980 Marketplace Dr., 805/968-2810) by its home in a mall–the pints are hand-crafted on site. Try the Fairview Farmhouse Ale, a Belgian saison named for Fairview Gardens just up the road.

Field of dreams, Goleta-style: Fairview Gardens is the only spot around where you can wander freely (along with cute goats and chickens) around twelve and a half acres of orchards and freshly planted spring crops. Fairview gets our props both from its organic practices and for paying its farm workers a living wage. Swing by as often as you want for fruit, veggies, eggs or cut flowers–on the honor system, so just drop your money in the box. 598 N. Fairview Ave., fairviewgardens.org

Lunch on the beach: A couple miles down the road from Goleta, stop by the spiffed-up Isla Vista Food Co-op (6575 Seville Rd., Isla Vista, 805/968-1401) to fill your tote with fruits, veggies, and deli fixins at the only member owned co-op in the area. There are some great gardening titles here too, if you’re in need of reading materials. For some seaside refueling, take your haul to a picnic table at Goleta Beach (countyofsb.org/parks).

Dirt-cheap plants: Knapp Nursery feels more like a wholesale nursery than one open to the public. That’s because owners Sandy and Patrick Caswell grow 80 percent of their own stock: annuals, perennials, cactus, and fruit trees. The result is 5 acres of plants that sell for a fraction of the normal price–so go on a guilt-free botanical buying binge. Insider tip for plant geeks: Patrick will show you their 9 private acres if you ask. 909 Carlo Dr., knappnursery.com

Stock up, dudes: Don’t let the laid-back vibe fool you–Island Seed & Feed is serious about organic gardening. Owner Matt Buckmaster is the go-to garden guru for both amateurs and pros–his organic fertilizer blend graces the soil of Lotusland and he’s happy to help you green your thumb. Peruse 500+ varieties of veggie and flower seeds, adopt fuzzy chicks, or snag veggie starts. Closed Sun, 29 S. Fairview Ave., 805/967-5262. 

Read more, click Here.

Johanna Silver|From the April 2011 Issue


NEW Montecito Delivery!

Click Here to Sign Up On-Line!

We will Pro-Rate your Share at any time!

*You can also sign up over the phone: 805-967-736

*Send an email:
*Print this email to mail in your membership form with a check to:
Fairview Gardens
Attn: CSA
598 N. Fairview Ave
Goleta Ca 93117


CSA Membership Form

 Name: ______________________________________

Address: ____________________________________

City, Zip Code: ______________________________

Phone: ______________________________________

Email: _______________________________________

How did you hear about us?:__________________ 


Standard Shares (1-2 people)

Family Shares (2-4 people)

Spring Season (March 15 to June 2, 12 weeks)

Standard Share $255*                            Family Share $447*

Summer Season (June 7 to Aug 25, 12 weeks)

Standard Share $255*                            Family Share $447*

Fall Season (August 30 to Nov 17, 12 weeks)

Standard Share $255*                            Family Share $447*

*Season price includes a $15 administration fee.


Pick Up Locations

☐ Tuesday at Fairview (2- 6:30 pm)  

☐ Thursday at Fairview (2- 6:30 pm)   

☐ Thursday at Wheelhouse, 528 Anacapa St,(4-7 pm)*  

☐ Thursday at UCSB, Bren Hall (3:30-7pm)*

☐ Thursday at Coast Village Plaza, 1187 Coast Village Road (4-7 pm)*

*Add $2 per week for downtown locations.

$2  x  Number of Weeks    ______   =    $________

TOTAL $ _________________________________

*If you sign up for all three seasons take $30.00 off.


Weather Conditions

Heavy rains over the weekend affected our crops. We are currently assessing the damage.  Five crops took a hard hit.  Water was over flowing in our drainage ditch located on the south side of the farm.  Please wish us well as more rain is expected in the forecast.

Thank you for your support and see you on the farm!

Lisa Lynch

CSA Coordinator 


Fava Bean Blossoms





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