Support Fairview Gardens : May 17th

11 May

City Council Meeting May Seventeenth

Fairview Gardens needs your help to manage what could be a crisis threatening it’s financial future. This is not an appeal for a donation, but rather for your support at the upcoming City Council meeting next Tuesday, May 17 at 5:45. By being there in person, to speak in support of Fairview Gardens you can help tremendously.

The critical issue at hand concerns fees connected with the Conditional Use Permits applied for by the Farm, which add up to almost $50,000. Some of these are just outrageous, like the $7000 fee for the chickens.  That is a lot of eggs to sell! Mostly these fees seem like an unreasonable burden on a struggling non-profit, one which would cripple us to pay.

I hope you’ll join me in recognizing the unique benefits brought by the Farm to you personally, your neighborhood and our larger community in general.  Please support our request for a waiver of the CUP fees.

For more information please contact us at 805-967-7369 or email us: 




Thank you for your help!

Fairview Gardens

“I have been the Executive Director of Fairview Gardens for just over a year, and I believe we have the leadership and community building skills to lead the Farm out of this crisis and into a better future. Call me or stop by and please share this with any of your neighbors and friends!” – Mark Toffefson

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