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Fresh from the Field 10.31.11

31 Oct

Mornings are getting cold at the farm. But such a welcomed change. When you eat seasonally their is certain produce that you don’t get until a certain time in the year. At this moment, the perimmons are making their arrival. We grow couple trees of Hachiyas and one Fuyu.

CSA Members and all previous! Its time to come take a walk at the farm. Their has been many changes and it’s worth a tour. This week we are planting our new field of Strawberries, majority in Albion and some Seascapes.

This week in your share is Tomatoes, Radish, Kale, Lettuce, Braising Mix, Winter Squash, Onion, Baby Fennel, Tatsoi.

For the Family, more of Braising Mix, Lettuce, Winter Squash, Lipstick Peppers, Leeks.

(their is always a slight chance for last minute changes.)

Thanks for your support.

HEADS UP! We will be offering a Fall/Winter Extended Season. November 22nd until December 15th.

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Fresh From the Field 10.24.11

24 Oct

Sugar Snap Peas are back.   You can also notice Fall settling it’s roots!  Persimmons are turning Orange.   In our front field we have beautiful Marigold that offers a nice orange/yellow tone to our field.  It is so amazing how helpful flowers can be to our crops.

In your Share this week;  Spicy baby leaf mix, Lacinato Kale, Oak Leaf Lettuce, Mizuna, Sugar Snap Peas, Spicy & Sweet Peppers and Persimmons.

It’s Food Week, so allow a little time to meet with  our great Nutritionist/Dietitian that creates our weekly Newsletter; Beth Cuiffini.

Thanks Beth for being a CSA member too;)

Beth Ciuffini, MBA, RD.  Nutrition Consultation, Therapy and Education.  Licensed Provider of Real Living Nutrition Services.

Fresh From the Field 10.17.11

17 Oct

Good Morning CSA Members,

Have you notice the recent changes of weather?  Shorter days, cooler nights, some cooler days and also recent rain.  It’s exciting to see the crops being planted such as, broccoli, chicory, cardoons and artichokes are growing nicely.  We are now starting to harvest Sugar Snap Peas too.

FYI, we are now excited about having a Registered Dietitian, she has been a CSA member since 2003.  Lets welcome Beth Cuiffini.  Please reserve some time for Food Week, October 25th & 27th and meet with her.  She will have a table at the CSA pick up to connect with you guys.


This week in your share : Watermelon, Delicata winter squash, Bag of greens, Cilantro, Poblano, Sungold, Kale, Lettuce