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Fresh from the Fields – 11.8.11

8 Nov

Thank to all of our CSA members that took the time to answer our survey’s.  We really appreciate the feedback. 

I am not the best with spelling.  The thing is that I am actually an immigrant.  Permanant Resident non the less…  But here is my story and how I came to Santa Barbara. 

My name is Julie Beaumont, I am a French Canadian, aka Quebecoise from Montreal.  I travelled to Europe in 2001.  In Paris, I meet a men that I felt in love with.  He brought me back here!  He is native to Goleta.  Chris Potter (   When I got my work permit in 2005, I started at Fairview Gardens.  I then got pregnant and had to leave to care for myself and  regularly lifting 50lbs was out of  question.  I recall Michael Ableman asking if I wanted a pay increase;)  I told him that I would be back!   And here I am  back after 5 years, 2 kids (now 3 and 5), AND 5 years of working for Earthtrine farms at the Farmers Market.    I am very happy to share the love of Fairview and of Local Food. 

I learned English, when I was 19 years old.  I lack knowledge on grammar and structuring sentences (maybe because I think backward compare to English. ahhaah.)  Anyhow., I hope my lack of English is not bothering too many people.  I understand.  But I do really care about doing the best I can. 

At this point, waiting for someone to correct my writting is not a possibility.  We need things done!  And that’s what I do.  But if someone has time to reply promptly and feel that they could help me:  email

This week in your CSA share:

Basil or Cilantro, Apples, Kale, Sungold Cherry Tomatoes, Sugar Snap Peas for Tuesday, Fennel for Thursday, Lettuce, Flowers, Celery, For the family only; Carrots, Turnips! 

Enjoy this cold and wet week with a hot cocoa! 

Unfortunatly, our Fall Harvest Festival is cancelled due to heavy rain predictions. OH! Thanks to our intern GRAY for all her hard work planning it.  It was going to be epic.  Hope she can come back next year and make it happen then! 

Thanks for tuning in!

Julie Beaumont, Marketing Manager of this amazing farm!

NOTE:  The 2012 CSA flyer will be coming out by November 20th.