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Using Facebook in 2012 and not WordPress

5 Dec

Good Morning CSA members,

Our 2012 CSA sign up is open.  We are slimming down to Thursday Farm Pick up and Thursday Wheelhouse Drop Off, only.  When signing up, please make sure you select the payment plan with the season you wish to sign up for.  Its a little confusing, so do email me if you have questions.

It will be an amazing year as we are now starting to harvest, Cauliflower, Cabbage and Broccoli is coming soon.  We have ordered our Potato, Peppers and Tomato seeds among other vegetables and it’s going to be of high quality and of much more variety.

Sign up before December 18th for the FULL YEAR, PAY IN FULL and save $100.  Here is the link:

On another note, managing all of our marketing outlet are a difficult task for a busy farm.   It has been a tricky task to post every week here!

From now on, we will do our weekly post on Monday on our Facebook Page ONLY.  Moving away of using this WordPress.  The big advantage for you is that you will therefore get many different update on what’s going on at the Farm and also news on current and future Events.   

If you do like to have update on what’s coming,  tune in around 3pm on our Facebook each Monday!

Like us and stay connected!  

Julie Beaumont

Marketing Manager at Fairview Gardens